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Let's Pray

For the next 30 days, starting March 1, 2024 we will collectively pray against abortion and for repentance & revival to break out in our nation and around the world.

Prayer is powerful!

Each day at 7am EST, I will post a video prayer prompt on all of my social platforms where you can like & share. Each morning at 7am, you will receive an email primarily for backup to ensure you get the prayer prompt against abortion for the day.

*If you are starting after March 1st, don't worry you will receive the emails from Day 1 when you join --- start there and pray for 30 days!

Pray the prayer prompt throughout the day, add it to your current prayer list and prepare to testify of the goodness of God during this time of prayer!

Share this with your friends and family & be sure to email me any testimonies that you experience during this time.

To God be the glory forever amen!

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