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Welcome. I am so grateful that you have chosen to visit my side of the internet. 


I wasn't always shame free.

For a great part of my life, shame was my best friend and I didn't even know it.

It wasn't until I finally got tired of hanging out with shame and letting it lead me down a never-ending spiral of destruction...that I began to overcome.


I pray my story encourages you.

Hey! I'm Gigi.

How my story started...

Growing up in church, I lived by the saying “knowing right from wrong”. On the outside, everyone knew me as the “good girl” - good grades, no kids, and attending church faithfully. Like most teenage girls, I began exploring curiosities with guys and sex.

Even though I knew right from wrong, I wanted to fit in and experience what my friends were doing. At an early age, I became a master at hiding my secrets, especially my struggle with lust.

Well, lust led to sex before marriage and sex led to unwanted pregnancies. Knowing my parents and my church would be disappointed in me...anxiety and fear of being exposed led me to contemplating abortion.

In the summer of 2008, just before my 18th birthday, I began to google “abortion clinics near me” and “low-cost abortion”. In my mind, I just knew this would be the best “quick fix” for me...not thinking about the after-effects of abortion and how it would have such an impact on my life.

Sadly, I was willing to suppress my emotions and feelings to avoid the rejection of people and seeing my dreams and goals going down the drain. After my first appointment, I was shattered with regret and shame that again I stuffed and stuffed and I continued to run to abortion as my emergency contraception.

For almost ten years, I continued to smile and overachieve to suppress the pain that I was hiding deep inside.

A month later after completing the program, I was so ready to share with women just like me, the transformation I had experienced. So I started at church. Heart racing and knees shaking, I shared my BIG secret at my church where my dad was still pastoring about my lifelong struggle with abortions and how their “good girl” that I had portrayed for the last 20+ years was not so innocent.

The response was unbelievable as people came up to me after saying “me too” and asked how I can share this with their daughter. Later on, I decided to share my story with the world on my YouTube channel thinking that a few friends and family would watch it! But little did I know, my one YouTube video would reach thousands of views within the first few weeks.

Soon after, I began to receive private messages from women who also had a secret abortion and wanted to be free from the shame. One message after the next, I began to point women to resources that helped me and soon became known as the “Post-Abortion Coach”. I soon realized there was a gap on social media of pro-life women with my background and personality helping women with such a taboo topic, in an engaging, modern, nonjudgmental way.

That’s when Shame Free was created to be a voice and engaging platform for women who were stuck in shame but didn’t want to stay that way. Using the power of social media, I have created content to uplift women with creative storytelling and use those stories to compel them to take the first step in their healing journeys.

Since 2018, I have witnessed babies' lives saved with pregnant women canceling abortion appointments and hope restored leading abortion Bible studies with women around the world.

My life forever transformed...

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The turning point...

In 2017, I was fed up with stuffing and after multiple abortions, I finally prayed that God would send help that would change me.

Just a few months later, I met a woman online who invited me to her summer Bible study group created just for women who were post-abortive. I was in shock! It was my first time hearing about a Bible study like this. I never imagined a topic like this would be discussed in church and used to heal women, like me.

That summer in July 2017, I drove an hour away to my first Bible study meeting for post-abortive women and it drastically changed my life! Jesus met me in my darkness and rescued me from years of shame.


By the grace of God, I finished the Bible study learning some of the most unbelievable truths about abortion and experienced moments of closure that I’d ever imagine would happen in my wildest dreams.

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