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The ONE and ONLY coaching & accountability community created exclusively to help pro-life voices become culture-changing influencers!

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How Does It Work?

Create content that matters!

inside this exclusive 12-week experience, you'll receive:

🙏 Clarity on your pro-life message and audience

🙌 Proven systems for highly engaging content

💡 Time-saving tools to produce content faster

✨ Expert personal coaching and feedback

💰 Strategic monetization goals to fund God's work

Month 1

Set Up "The Right Way"

Week 1: Discover Your Purpose

Week 2: Know Your People

Week 3: Craft Your Message

Week 4: Create Your Marketing Plan

Month 2

Show Up "The Right Way"

Week 5: Post with Authenticity & Consistency

Week 6: Batch Create Content in Advance

Week 7: Repurpose Content Into Multiple Formats

Week 8: Collaborate & Monetize to Grow Your Reach

Month 3*

Level Up + Bonuses!

*In the last month, you will be fully equipped to execute on your platforms like a pro. During this month you'll receive feedback that will level up your confidence!

Week 9: Execute + Bonus! Product Development

Week 10: Execute + Bonus! Home Studio Design

Week 11: Execute + Bonus! Hiring & Outsourcing Like A Pro

Week 12: Execute + Bonus! Automation & Systems For Long Term Success

Seats for this group experience are limited so that I can best help each member > accelerate with speed!

If YOU ARE ready to say YES to your calling and finally grow your online influence...

Limited Seats Are Available per Coaching Experience. Why?

Do NOT Procrastinate!

Apply Below Before Class Full.

This is not just another social media coaching program.

It’s mentorship & accountability for pro-life men & women who are READY to show up and unleash their influence online.

Coaching Program Interest Form

About You


Coaching sessions are (beginning of the week) on Mondays + Feedback days are (end of week) on Fridays. Are you able to invest the time?
Yes! I will show up and do the homework.
No! I cannot commit at this time.
Are you financially ready to make this investment in yourself?
Absolutely ready!
I'm ready, but may need a payment plan.
Unfortunately, I cannot invest at this time.

Coaching Experience

Have you worked with a coach before? Or joined a group coaching program?
Yes! with a coach 1-on-1
Yes! in a group coaching program
How do you prefer to be coached?
DIY - I like to learn at my own pace and do the work myself.
I prefer group coaching and learning with others.
I prefer to have 1-on-1 attention, do not like to learn in a group setting.
How did you hear about the program?
Shame Free Gigi Website
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